173 Mil SP UK Player LF Null PVP and PVE

As title says, looking for a Null adventure with PVP and some Isk making opportunities.

I have just been rejected by Ascendance of Goons, was waiting for an interview and received an eve mail whilst waiting informing me that the process was going no further.

Previous PVP has been with NPSI groups, so there is a chance I will show on killboards that I have either been on a kill of your group or have been killed by your group. None of this to me has any malice it’s just fun.

I am very highly skilled and will be able to fly most of your doctrines if not all. I have 3 alts, 2 of which have been in Initiative associates where I flew ishtars to grind Isk.

Hopefully someone has a home for me, please feel free to reply here or eve mail me in game, many thanks in advance.

There will be similar scrutiny, but NPSI alone should not be an issue; I just post and don’t do the actual work in the background though, so no promises - check us out here mate: Here we grow again!

You are welcome with us
join in our corp discord :grinning:

o7 I know you’re looking at null but would you like to give lowsec a chance if so please read my linked post i think you’d be a good fit for us :slight_smile: if not best of luck o/

long time corp, great members

come say hi

Thanks for the replies and mails so far.

Hello mate.

Just put out a recruitment post. We may have exactly what you are looking for. :slight_smile:

We are looking for 0.0 pilots to live in our pocket of space.

  • We are a member of Pandemic Horde the largest alliance in Eve. 24/7 fleets.

  • Corp is active, a good bunch of guys

  • well stocked Alliance trade and staging hub

  • We do all aspects of Eve and protect our home systems vehemently.

  • We do small gang roams and can join larger Alliance fleets

  • Being able to run roaming gangs as FC would be highly desirable.

  • Great mining and industry opportunities.

  • For a chat join our pub ‘REPLS Public’ or contact ImmI in game. Best of luck.

REPZ is an industrial corp looking for pilots to join us in null - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

Hi, are you still looking? If so i will pitch in as well. Write your own story - Join a world building project to make a faction #PvE #Industrial #Faction Warfare #Piracy #Politics # Roleplay #High/Low/00/WH Sec #Faction missions # Citizenry #Social structure #Deathrace

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