1785th Defense Intelligence Wing - PVE, RP, COVERT OPS

The 1785th Defense Intelligence Wing Mission :

Provide capable and trained Capsuleer pilots to conduct home system defense and intelligence gathering in support of State and local interests.

The 1785th DIW conducts home defense operations in Caldari space, as well as can be tasked to conduct Intelligence gathering and Scouting operations for other Corporations and organizations as deemed necessary to support the good of the State, and Humanity.

General Wing Information (OOC):

  • Roleplay Corporation

  • High Sec PVE in Caldari (Acess to L4 Caldari Missions).

  • Intelligence and Scouting Operations (Light PVP)

Future Goals:

  • Mining and Industry support

  • Fleet Operations & Support against Triglavian invasions.

  • Further pending.

Pilot Demographics:

What we are looking for

  • Must be 20 years of age or older

  • Must be willing to participate in Roleplay and enjoy Military style Roleplay.

  • Must be looking for a Corporation that will help foster and grow Roleplay in EVE.

  • Have a positive Security Rating with Caldari and CONCORD/EDENCOM.

  • Must adhere to the rules and regulations emplaced within the 1758th.

  • New, Old, Returning Pilots all welcome. (Both Alpha and Omega)

No this is not your standard “Yes sir, No Sir,” Military roleplaying Corporation, We strive to function as a cohesive group, enjoy having fun, enjoy roleplaying, running covert operations missions to gather intelligence on objectives be it a Triglavian scouting action, or a local Ganker fleet movement in High Sec Space.

For more info, Check out our website: https://sites.google.com/view/1785th-diw-eve-online-corp/home?authuser=0

Fill out a recruitment form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfhxOOLQM6U1dor3UeZb8duLyj05uRKNvSheLUFn2SHyKwfrg/viewform

Join our Discord.

If you are looking for an Organized, Military style Roleplaying Corporation with the availability of in game advancement and reward for your ingame activities and roleplay, The chance to improve Roleplay and foster roleplay in New Eden and enjoy flying cloaked ships, observing and reporting and writing roleplay posts, the 1785th may be for you.

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1785th is still looking for capable pilots to help in material like below!

Still looking for pilots!

New to EVE? We’ll help you learn. Want to try something different? We are actively working with ARC to research and scout Triglavian events.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Still looking for new members.

New, Returning, we have room for you!

Still looking for new and old pilots alike interested in doing scouting/combat probing, heavily involved in Triglavian invasion actions currently.

1785th Defense Intelligence Wing
Looking for Probing/Scout Capable pilots, flying cloaked covert ops ships. PVE Mission running / Triglavian Invasion - New Pilots Welcome

Working on the front lines to push back the Triglavian invasion, Looking for a new and experienced players alike.

Join the 1785th Today!

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