DIQITI Is Recruiting!

Welcome to DIQITI, Dark Interstellar Quantum Travelers!

I am a seasoned Veteran of the game, with a primary focus on industry, even though really, all you might see me do is MINE.

I have been playing the game since the start of 2010. since the nearly 10 years I have been on this game, I have learned quite a few things about what I should and should NOT do. And even so, maybe some of the things I should NOT do, I still DO and end up having a good ol’ fashioned laugh at it.

Needless to say, that is just a small clipping of myself.

So, with all that, why should you want to think about joining DIQITI? Well first and foremost, we are a Wormhole Corporation that has joined an Alliance that is running a massive operation of both CORE WH’s and freeports.

As stated earlier, I am a miner, industrialist, planetary interactionist, and a dabbler in PVP. Truthfully, I have experienced it all, aside from thee Titan death that I hope will never occur, but I have things that any new pilot who might want to seek help could ask and be given good answer too. Not only that, our alliance has far more experience than I do, and with fittings, and suggestions that would certainly help you keep busy.


  1. Some pilots who want to have fun and grow and learn.
  2. Some pilots who are experienced in Industry to help out with mining and PI and bringing up our market to speed.
  3. Some pilots who are knowledgeable in PVP and fittings to help those who are struggling to have an idea of how to fit and what capabilities there ship has.
  4. Some pilots whom just want to be with a group that they do not know, and would rather be apart of a TEAM than alone.
  5. Pilots whom are invested within themselves and within the corporation to help each aspect of themselves grow, as they watch how the corporation grows with them.

Thank you, and please make sure to contact: REVOLVING SEPTEMBER with EVE MAIL only.


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