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Dark Interstellar Quantum Travelers Inc is…

actively looking to help seed my own corporation into a good null-sec home where I can return back to the roots of recruiting and helping other players as they have once helped me. For a quick bit of history, I’ve run 3 corporations total. With only 1 reaching over 35 members actively. This was back in the Spring-Summer of 2011. I have since “restarted” the game by scrapping my old accounts and replacing their bodies with new, better minds.

So, who is this mad man that is talking before you? Well his name is Revolving August the main account in a 3 account trio, and soon to be a quattro. I have been playing this game on and off from the year 2010. It will NOT show up on my record, but I’ve learned the hard way, from being under the leadership of other CEO’s how being ingenuine and rude lands you with no members and a shitty paycheck. I’ve been on the short end of the stick too many times and have felt it is time to give back to the hardworking and fair people.

For me, I do not mind paying out of pocket to play the game I’ve really called “THE GAME”. But, I will try to achieve the best possible outcome of not paying out of pocking while still being able to PLEX every account. Well, this brings up a good point on your end, “why does he care so damn much about money?” It’s a fair question but it’s being able to play the game and have the most fun and money or ISK is really what helps drive this force for me. I try to keep the ships I have in tip top shape and use them until I can afford a replacement for each one of them.

Now, now at this point your more than likely closed out and moved onto another candidate but this is what I have to offer:

  1. 50,000,000 SP Character
  2. 25,000,000 SP Character
  3. 15,000,000 SP Character

I have three account and once I am done training up my Alpha, he too will be added to the Revolving Door. To give some help to understand the uses of my accounts I will let you know that I have a Capital Pilot that ranges from PVP-Industry, and the other accounts I have range really only from Industry-Industry (for the moment).

The long term goal I am hoping for is to acquire at least 3 capital accounts with 50,000,000+ SP each but this would help in turn with the PVP and industry.

However, in closing, I would like to state that I do NOT know everything about industry, but am willing to receive help and guidance.

Please let me know if you have questions by contacting me IN GAME only please. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Revolving A, M, H, S

Hi there

We are Corp/allaince living in null sec, part of a coalition so have the space and numbers to do all things eve, whether you fancy pvp, mining or the occasional ratting haven, we offer it all.

Come join https://discord.gg/tZacyWu say hello and it could just be the best thing since sliced bread

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