DIQTI : Help Reach Your Goals Here!

Greetings Pilots,

Dark Interstellar Quantum Travelers Inc Is indeed recruiting!

If you are seeking a helpful, friendly, banter welcomed corporation, look into DIQTI! I am bringing myself back into the game, but could use some strong pilots to help with daily efforts in the new space that is being constructed from a newly formed alliance.

I have played the game for several years now, and have always come back to it. Why, because it sure beats the crap out of WoW. I enjoy the simple things in EVE. Complex things appear through the gist of just playing, but hey, it’s a game and all I want is for others and myself to achieve levels of comradery, joy, and friendship. EVE is unique and will forever and always stay that way.

So, if you like to mine, if you enjoy a good fight, if you want to help build a corporation within a building of an alliance, then speak with me in game. “Revolving August”. Now let’s talk about what I’m working towards.


  • PLEX PROGRAM: (A Monthly rotational list of pilots who may not be so fortunate, and are given; 1 months’ worth of game time from the activity in which they have provided to the corporation)
  • TEAMWORK: (Working as a team to acquire the list of goals that any member may have, but by doing so with a smile and a helping hand).
  • FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT: (Obviously some epic battles have occurred in EVE and I’d like to work towards having epic moments that bring us all together and regardless of the outcome, know that we tried our best, and had a hell of a time doing so)
  • TRAIN/EDUCATE PILOTS: (New or Old, we are all learning new things each day. It’s just real life. So I’ll help the most I can, and you can certainly help me out with things too).

I want my members who join to feel welcome. Not discouraged to play or be apart of the group. Having fun and playing at the pace that we all know is what it’s all about. So consider Dark Interstellar Quantum Travelers Inc as a place in which I would like to


  • 18+ Years of AGE

Thanks for letting me share a little about ourselves. If you wish to speak further, you can…

“DIQITI R” in game! Or you can send me an EVE Mail too. Cheers! o7

Still looking for some folks to help join the effort. It’s work, it’s fun, it’s a way to help take our minds off the daily storms we go through from work.

Read above if you wish to reach out.


So, you’re still searching for that right corporation to put some time into? Why not check us out… We don’t bite, we only shoot the ■■■■, ships, rocks, and mails! We not only shoot, we fulfil a role in which is to help in anyway that we, as players, know how to fill. And yes, there are WH’s to be filled, har har.

DIQTI is a part of a newish Alliance, who’s footprint has been solid and we ABSOLUTELY enjoy each others company in which helps provide the moral during more uncertainly in the REAL world that was placed ontop of what was already circulating.

So please, I urge you miners, ratters, pvp, pve, if you are active, hungry and want to also be more educated in the social life, send me a mail in game. - Revolving August o7

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