180 day skins feedback

please stop giving us 180day skins i never use them , why not skill points , blueprint copy ammo just make it somewhat useful for in game ,
Thanks Daz72

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Uh oh. I don’t think you’re going to like this.

So, there are no skins that expire in 180 days. The skins from the daily login campaign expire in 30 days, which is denoted by the expiration date in parenthesis when you click on show information. The yellow text at the bottom, however, does not indicate that the skin is volatile, but instead tells you how long you have to redeem the item before it disappears from your redeeming queue. For the daily rewards, you usually get 14 days. However, the rewards from special events (like minmatar liberation day) give you 180 days. Now, here’s the kicker -the skins from those events are permanent. In other words, the “180 day skins” are permanent skins that you have 180 days to redeem. Sure hope you haven’t been trashing them. :frowning_face:
No P2W


Think you may be wrong there



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