Glacial Drift Limited Time SKINS


I notice that the Glacial Drift SKINS have the same “Limited Time” stamp in the top left corner as the Brainfreeze boosters. The Brainfreeze boosters have an expiry date of February on them, will the SKINs also vanish after the event ends?

I am having bad luck selling some as the prices keep shifting, and I was just wondering if they were going to vanish soon or if I still have time to sell them over the next few months?


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Perfect thanks! :slight_smile: I promise I did try searching the forums before posting! :smiley:

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I’ve used google as the built-in search engine of the forum is of questionable usefulness so might worth a try and could bring off-forum results as well (the old forums, r/Eve and such often have useful info among other sources) so I guess always worth doing a google search too as it can bring valuable results.

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