"Limited Time" items - limited availability or use?

When I got one of those Halloween daily login crates, there was an expiration date on it in the reward window. Once I redeemed that reward, the crate has this little blue “Limited Time” badge. Does one have anything to do with the other?

I mean, does the badge mean that this crate must be opened and its content used only during the event or only until the expiration date/time I saw on the reward page? Or does it mean that it’s just an item that will be available for a limited time, but it won’t vanish/expire if not used?

It kinda depends on what the item is.

As a general rule of thumb, it just means that it’s limited time as in “you can only get these items for a limited time”. They don’t drop from your regular PvE activities, you cannot get them as standard rewards from missions or other NPCs, etc. They are only available as part of an event.

A few items, most commonly Cerebral Accelerators, can be limited time as in they will expire after a certain time (with the date set in EVE time). These will have an expiry date when you look at the attributes of the item in the show info tab.

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to add to this:
Expiry date on cerebral accelerators is the date you can use them, not the effect limitation. That means that, for example, an accelerator that has a 1 week duration (more with biology skill) can be used on last day of expiry date (before DT) and you’ll still get full duration of the effect.

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