Volatile SKINs

In my opinion they should be 1 time use that are put on a single ship and last untill another SKIN is put on top of it or the ship gets destroyed. None of this 7-day crap.


That is how skins started out and people complained so they made skins not destructible.

I have no issue with time limited skins as long as I can trade/sell them to a character that actually can use them.

why is the timer starting the second you claim it? should it wait till i apply it or learn it?? seriously suck a waste of time who every even coded this.

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i have no interest in using volatile skins
just a feedback for ccp

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In that case, simply trash them instead of redeeming them - they’ll get the message when they examine the statistics. I suspect most players would skip this event completely except for the skillpoints. We seem to be addicted to those!

Be interesting to see how many are willing to go into the Abyss to get free SP - and it wouldn’t surprise me if the new Skillers in the Abyss event is specifically designed to find out!

Yes, It would be interesting to see how many people go into abyssal. I quite like it so I am happy that the economy is being stimulated for mutaplasmids.

Single ship use sounds like a nice idea for this sort of event.
The non transferable forced activation nonsense really sucks.
Just started flying Machariels a lot this week, so the Angel’s Hex WOULD have been really nice if ONLY it was on the correct character. Instead it’s on an Alt who can’t even sit in the Hull - THANKS CCP!

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It’s free. I think it is useless trash (I never even played with regular skins much), but they also give more useful stuff. So if every n-th gift is pure trash, shrug. Could be worse, could be getting nothing at all every day like for most of eve’s history till now.

i like regular skins , i have purity of the throne and cold iron in my amarr ships , i love them , i have a fancy one for the coercer and punisher my most used ships ,they are collectables ,volatile ones , i don’t care , i think its a bad idea

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Just do like everyone else does… Trash them before they leave your redeem box.


As I said already, for the sake of accuracy in nautical lore, Volatile skins should be designated “foreskins”, and permanent skins should be designated “aftskins”. o7

I have no interest in skins at all. Of course it is a nice money maker for ccp, so that counts for something.

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