199M SP (6M Unallocated) Indy Toon

Entertaining offers on this toon: Talduncan Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

193+6m unallocated - mostly Indy

located in jita
5.0 sec status
pos walelt
pos sec status
all rules etc
in npc corp

175b buyout

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150b offer

153b offer

154b offer

157.5 offer

Thanks for the offers - looking for a bit more.

160b offer

I appreciate the offer. Looking to see if we can get a bit higher.

hi 163b offer


Is there an auto-win price?

No auto-win, but would be happy in the low 180’s.

Daily bump

168B quotation valid within 12 hours


Feeling froggy, 175b takes it home tonight.

170B 24H


175b buyout set.

Available most of today for quick transfer.

171b available now.

175b buyout - take me home today.