1DQ (goon) Ragnarok, Nyx, 5x Rorqual and much more. Firesale

Lots of stuff not in the praisal for a value.
Many bpc’s, bpo is 10/20.
looking for a bulk sale but would do the supers seperately.
90b b/o

How are you gonna get that goon stench out?

70bil ill take it all.

i will take the rag 30b

He wants 48b for it (lol)

“He” already sold the pack for 100b :heart:

Not that I don’t trust your word (especially with that name :crazy_face: ) but could you screenshot it if still available to do so (if you don’t mind taking the effort)? Just for future reference.

Edit: Assuming it was a public contract thus available to third parties to see like an auction or such.

He claimed he sold it for that and I believe him he gave me good deals in the past :ok_hand:
If u need a screenshot you gotta ask him

If my lovely Salesgirl says so, then it is so.

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