[1KH0R] Looking for Indy/PVP/PVE/Exploration Members [HORDE]

[1KH0R] Is a Proud member of PANDEMIC HORDE!

We are currently accepting new members; both old and new players. We believe in equal opportunity for our members. We are all inclusive and want to help all our members get into the activities and ships that they like. We encourage group activities.




-Corp ESI Authentication
-Having Fun


Please join our public channel: 1KH0R
Website: https://perfusussanguine.wixsite.com/ikhor

*Note: CEO plays USTZ (Eastern)

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So you guys are looking for explorers? Ive recently started playing EVE, and while my skills are unlocking, im hoping to be recruited for WH exploration.


Absolutely! Drop into our public channel in game 1KH0R and we chat some more :slight_smile:

Yes, we have discord. Link sent to your character.

Closing thread at the request of OP