[1KH0R] Perfusus Sanguine Recruiting Null Sec


Perfusus Sanguine is actively recruiting pilots!
Proud member of Pandemic Horde

A NULL SEC Indy / PVP focused corp full of filthy casuals, casually seeking profit and plunder in space.

-Newbros and Returning Vets welcome
-Memes required
-Toxicity prohibited
-Irl first

If you like chill roams, dank memes, or making a run to become nullsec’s next big tycoon with no pressure or judgment, we’re the corp for you!

If you’re interested, please join our public channel 1KH0R and speak to a recruitment officer.

You can contact one of the following in game for recruitment, as well:
Alcena Nektaria (CEO)
Broseph Ballin / Grendernaz (Directors)
Perceus Finch / Arakko Saraki/ Phar0h / Rip van Ryder (Recruiting Officers)


Joined a month and a bit ago, definetly a chill laid back corp within the Pandemic Horde. Lots of content to be had if you turn your discord pings on :wink:

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BUMP. Doing weekly fleets with corp/friends if you’re interested in that :slight_smile:

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Trying to do black ops things every saturday, want to learn how to hunt or just chill with some corp mates while we hunt for kills? Join today :smiley:

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cool people, discords active too, corp runs lots of fleets as well

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I have been a member for 6-7 months now. Originally attracted to this null sec corporation for the opportunities to engage in null sec industrial work (mining, PI bonuses, reactions boosted stations). Since then I have enjoyed the ability to engage in PVP, exploration, mining my own rented R64 moon. Ratting in Drone Lands and Insmother. The ice mining is crazy good, but even the asteroid anomaly mining is quantifiably better than highsec or WH space.

The corp mates come when you call. Getting to do covert ops roams and such is also a nice change. Want some extra ISK hit up an ESS on the weekend or afternoon.

1KH0R has the benefits of being under Pandemic Horde so you can figure out how to have fun… want to kill things join Standing Fleet. Want to mine with Rorqual boost join Standing Mining. Want to blap bombers join the Black Ops fleet that responds to the sneaky bombers as they cover our Dread, Carrier, Rorqual, etc… its a you pick your own adventure area.

I came down a noobie (still am in some regards) but now have my Rorqual, and have also purchased Jump Freighter, and multiple dreads… just have fun with good peeps and know that when you call, they will answer and come bail you out… or deal some swift NulSec justice to the interlopers.

Honestly I can’t say enough good things about the crew and leadership. Best corp I have been in in a year of play since returning to the game.

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Cool corporation with a lot opportunities: PVE(DroneLand (more safty) && AngelArea (more dangerousely), mining (Moon 32, 64 ets, Ice, Asteroid Deep etc), exploration, ESS (additonal income for pve), PVP events. Also always exist PochvenFleet (Alianse), StandingFleet (pvp Alianse), MiningFleet (Alianse) and local Big Market Hub (Alianse). And a lot other things)) Normal people, no any issues with learn and consultation. In this Corp are all opportunities wich we can imagine in Eve ))


BUMP more people wanted :wink:

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Morning from the Drone Lands and Pandemic Horde. Wanted to follow up as it has been about a month and 1KH0R is still and always recruiting.

In the last month of being in PS (1KH0R) I was able to try new things: did some mid level abyssals, and did my first trip to Pochven as I was grinding up reputation to be able to do PH fleet roams down there. Both were fun, and I am still getting better at abyssals when I take a break from my other ISK making ventures.

Speaking of ISK making: the mining, ratting, site running and such has continued to pay off while I am a member of this corporation. I have had several more players fleet up with me while mining ice and rocks which is always way more fun that “solo” mining. But the big winner of the month was Planetary Interaction. One of the corp senior members helped me optimize how I move material from my extractor to a storage unit and then to the factories, as a result I went from 5-8000 units per week to 16-23K per planet! Way more ISK.

Being able to get mentorship and coaching from corp members who are better at ship fitting, types of ships, types of activities, optimization of PI, etc… is one of the best reasons to join an established corporation. Having a cadre of helpful, insightful and engaged corp members makes you want to log on and spend a little time spinning ships in space with them as you share adventures… and I have had more adventures since joining Perfusus Sanquine than I did in HS and WH space. Good People to play with or cut up in discord.

Finally next month is looking good too… think I will be taking my first combat capital into some CRABing… luckily PH has a buddy system to teach you to do it safely while being a member of PanKrab and having the capital umbrella for overwatch. If you are interested in a smaller, but stable corp in one of the big alliances of null sec give us a try… we are always looking for combat pilots, industrialists (haulers, PIers, Miners, builders, etc…) to join our crew. As a member of Pandemic Horde we do have daily standing fleet, standing mining, potentially incursions (my son made 750 million ISK driving logi ships for one on Friday and then again yesterday), strategic operations, and just smaller fleet roams.

See you in space…

Hey, Perfusus Sanguine is still recruiting.

Come join us as we keep finding new friends to join us in our adventures in the EVE universe.

I did learn to not use my PVE ship for PVP. Was an expensive lesson or two but worth it. On the plus side being part of Pandemic Horde I was able to figure out how to make some ISK. Did some null sec PI, mined some rocks, etc… and am good to go.

We are always looking for cool peeps to join the team so look us up in game or message me. I will only sing the praises of being in NullSec.

See you in space…

o7 good things are happening in 1KH0R. We have rented a system and are looking for more miners, haulers, and people who like ratting in pseudo-peace and quiet. We are ESI gated and members of Pandemic Horde so get to participate in all the fun big battles and such, but we have a nice little piece of Sov Space that we like to call home.

If you have ever wanted to mine your own R8 moon and participate in organized corp level mining operations look us up in our in game recruitment channel “1KH0R”.

Currently looking for more members (especially those interested in PVP)

Joined this corp two months ago as a returning casual EVE player who’d never experienced nullsec and wanted to learn more about it and industry. Really friendly and knowledgeable folks, very chill atmosphere. No regrets - great corp with plenty of corp and alliance content!

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Good and very helpful tight knit community. Leadership is very nice & provides many good opportunities for isk making and pvp with newer opportunities in the making. Overall a good community to be in especially if you’re new / returning to the game.

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Definitely a great corp, especially for newbros and returning players. I played back in 2015 and returned in 2022 and the corp leadership is very chill and understanding and willing to go above and beyond to make sure everyone in the corp has the resources they need to thrive and have a good time! Daily pvp roams, regular mining fleets, and we go out of our way to help any newbros understand the game better and roam with them so they can experience the content first hand. The corp fleets are always fun and everyone is super chill and just wanting to have a good time!

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Joined Perfusus Sanguine like a month ago. They are a chill laidback group, easy going and fun to hang with, definitely active corp, with lots of good times to be had, both as a corp but also participating in the alliance fleets as well. So come on over to Drone region and have good time with us.

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We chill people, come and join :partying_face:

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If only the folks scrolling by knew how much we have to offer

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Been a few months, but we are still mining and fleeting up as a corp to do escallations (as a group for fun/teach new bros when they unlock their first 10/10 escallation), defending ESS, mining and of course the recent event. Fun time to be in space we like minded peeps. The corps is making fuel blocks and ships from our mining/PI that pays for an SRP program as well as fielding new bro/roam ships.

Leadership is good, corp mates typically respect each other. We have 1-2 FC that do horde things in the corp and many corp budding FCs to provide content/companionship as you ship, rat, react to “visitors”, etc… give us a try and see if this is the corp you have been looking for. I know I bounced through several in my first several months but I haven’t wavered since joining PS… love it.


Bump for the fam

We are going hard our there. Corpmates have dedicated themselves to the success of our Corp. The infrastructure that is in place will ensure that you have a fantastic time earning ISK and blapping anybody that encroaches our space.

Join us, seriously.