[1KH0R] Perfusus Sanguine Recruiting US/EU Timezone/Null Sec


Perfusus Sanguine is actively recruiting pilots!

We are looking for like-minded players who enjoy multiple facets of the game. We are a growing force and reach our goals by helping each other. If you thrive in a heavy teamwork enviornment, 1KH0R may be the corp for you!

Activities Include:
Mining/Industrial Things
Special Interest Groups
Large Scale Fleets
And more!

Our corp requires ESI Verification upon application.

We DO NOT tolerate:
* Sexism
* Racism
* Being a Dick

You will be expected to act respectfully. We are all here to have fun and play the game.

Perfusus Sanguine is a proud member of Pandemic Horde.

Please join our in-game channel titled 1KH0R

You can contact one of the following in game for recruitment, as well:
Alcena Nektaria (CEO)
Broseph Ballin (Director)
Grendernaz (Director)
Frolf (Recruitment Officer)

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