[1KH0R] Perfusus Sanguine Recruiting Null Sec


Perfusus Sanguine is actively recruiting pilots!

A NULL SEC Indy / PVP focused corp full of filthy casuals, casually seeking profit and plunder in space.

-Newbros and Returning Vets welcome
-Memes required
-Toxicity prohibited
-Irl first

If you like chill roams, dank memes, or making a run to become nullsec’s next big tycoon with no pressure or judgment, we’re the corp for you!

If you’re interested, please join our public channel 1KH0R and speak to a recruitment officer.

You can contact one of the following in game for recruitment, as well:
Alcena Nektaria (CEO)
Broseph Ballin / Grendernaz (Directors)
EliteRoyx / Rip van Ryder (Recruiting Officers)

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