(1NETI1) 1New Eden Transport

im ceo of 1 New Eden Transport Industry 1
im from england so i play mainly eu time zone but i do spend a lot of time playing during the night.

all time zone welcome

i’m offering you to join my corporation based in etherium reach/ insmother .
there are no skill point requirements and all types of players are welcome.
there is plenty for you to do in our corp we have access to our own sov in insmother angel cartel rats and we have systems in etherium reach drone rats.
we have moon mining opportunities asteroid mining and rats with high bounties
we are part of the commonwealth alliance our alliance has welcomed us into their fold.
i’m looking for players who will stick with us until we grow we currently have 21 members.
send me a ingame mail or find us on the recruitment advertisement in game
alpha and omega clones welcome

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