2 Chars/ Capital/ Super/ NYX/ Miner/ Industriy

(heiden oinattrety) #1




PW 1234

you can see can buy 2 Perfect chars

Mining/ industry very high
Shield/ Armor/ Capital /Bomber and Fighter all 5
All remote skills all 5
and and and…

The sell goes 7 days and end 08.17.2017 at 17 eve time

bit starts per char at 25 bil

gl hf

(FrostyJack) #2

60 bil per rechter

60bil linker

(heiden oinattrety) #3

dayly bump

(TxivYawg1) #4


(heiden oinattrety) #5

dayly bump

(heiden oinattrety) #6

dayly bump

(heiden oinattrety) #7

dayly bump

(heiden oinattrety) #8

the bill is ended

first one TxivYawg

second one
60bil linker

i write you both the ingame Mail to account names to transfer and the isk

(FrostyJack) #9

isk / account name sent

(FrostyJack) #10

if trade not going to happen please return isk

(Milena Kulaki) #11

40 bil

(x911xZH) #12

The character “LINKER” is still on sale ?

(TxivYawg1) #13

i think this is a scam thread… the seller did not post with the 2 characters for sale… also, asked me to transfer isk to him but said he woulnd’t transfer pilot until weekend… i asked him to post on forum with the pilot for sale, then he disappear

i hope FrostyJack gets his isk back :slight_smile:

(x911xZH) #14

Ok thz. I think so too.

(heiden oinattrety) #15

the problem is i cant transfer the chars because i dont have in account managmant the option to use the 1000 plex option, ticket by ccp are open so dont panik ccp work on that
both chars are selled so dont bit four a char pls

(FrostyJack) #16

character received - linker

(heiden oinattrety) #17

Transfer is startet Frostjack Linker Hoden is moving


im to sell :slight_smile: @ TxivYawg1

(FrostyJack) #19

I will pay 63 for rechter now if isk not sent

(heiden oinattrety) #20

pls ask TxivYawg1 to unit