2 EVE Servers

(Agondray) #21

I remember back when eve was pushing hard for ads, I have a pick probably 1 one of my externals that needs surgery thanks to my countries power.

shows a missile and than says something like “an arrow with a 28 megaton warhead, invite your favorite hunter”

(Nisanthro) #22

They’ve broken the very first rule of EVE. They should adapt to the rules. If they don’t like the fact, they can switch to literally any other game as no other game has such rules.



And it was spoken atop the mountains for all to hear…

Let them eat cake, wait that wasnt the quote.

Let them play Star Citizen. SC devs have made it clear that their game is mostly a pve game, basically like you are asking for EVE to add in this post.

p.s. your comment that SC is never coming out is anticipated and so…:weary:

(Anne Dieu-le-veut) #24

In the extremely unlikely event of a 2nd server, I’d like one with:

-no skill extractors/injectors
-no PLEX

(JC Mieyli) #25

we already have 3 servers

(system) #26

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