About the massive ISK accounts

Considering there are plex subscriptions and it can’t be removed…
Considering some accounts laugh at the PLEX costs…
Considering new player accounts don’t have a fair chance at a PLEX sub…

I think the PLEX total cost should scale to the highest SP character on an account.

Just because you can’t afford plex doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t be able to afford it as well.


That is the opposite of what i actually wrote.
New players don’t have a fair chance at a PLEX.

Bull ■■■■.

They can easily whip out their credit card (like everyone else) and purchase it online.


Sir, i’m going to be polite here.

Some players do NOT own a credit card and the only reason they play EvE Online, is because they can. If you have a credit card and you can pay for 10 alts, more power to you.

Others can’t.

But that would require them to actually get a job, and we can’t have that now can we. Thank you, OP, for reinforcing and confirming the millennial/ Gen Z stereotype…


Why do people insist on using plex to pay for alts?

That’s ludicrous.

Dropping 20 bucks a year on 500 plex for some fun fuel isn’t 1) that demanding on the credit card, 2) nor does it turn the game into a drab job.

If you can’t afford to keep 20 alt accounts running on plex, perhaps you need to consider letting some of them go.

But that’s just silly talk! We have to set the price of plex on a “sliding scale” to make it fair!

Whaaaaaaa. REEEEEEE. Stupid rich people, or stupid people that don’t have a life and play EvE all day. How dare they!

Hopefully ISD trainwreck will come along and lock this thread down as another “rant”


Because PLEX is a vital feature for EvE Online. EvE is F2P and allowing to PLEX accounts creates an economy and a stable revenue.

People don’t have to play the game by your personal standards.

Some people live in different area of the earth and their currencies don’t have the same weight. (that implies there are countries besides the USA). Some people have to cut down on the grocery to make ends meet. Not you, obviously.

This is a suggestion forum. An open minded attitude is mandatory to have any credibility. You have neither.

This is plain insulting and does not belong in any constructive discussion

Neither does suggesting that Plex prices should scale with skill points. It really just goes to show how entitled you are, and how you expect everyone to change everything to fit your expectations.

Goes both ways honey. You need to be open minded to counter criticism.

I’ll bet dollars to donuts that the OP uses the terms “racial disparity” and “redistribution of wealth” in normal everyday conversation…


I’ll have to explain with short phrases.
-Older accounts have ISK ranging in the 10-20 billion.
-Newer accounts do not.
-Older accounts run on PLEX accounts.
-Prices are a joke to them.
-Those accounts do not contribute to the health of EvE Online.
-Scaling implies well a scale. Y=MX+B?
-People ranging in the 80m SP would pay more.
-People with less than 10m SP would less.
-Something in everyone’s price range.

You seem to be defensive. Do you feel threatened by what i wrote?

This is both a personal attack and plain false.

That’s red herring. A logical fallacy used to distract from the argument, in a way to bolster your point that people with a means to purchase plex should be punished. It’s daft and plain silly.

I don’t get it. You think that a flat rate fee for plex isn’t fair because some people play this game more than others and those that play more should pay more?



I’m done replying to you.

And yet, I’m the closed minded one….



I have 4 accounts. Two of which have characters with more than 100m SP. Please tell me where 80m+ SP characters/accounts can swim in ISK like you’re saying? Having more SP doesn’t mean you magically swim in ISK and can plex your accounts. I actually purchase Omega for all 4 of my accounts.


So older accounts should pay more because you assume they have more money?

Please provide a link to the source material that supports your claim. I’d be curious to read it. Otherwise it’s BS you’re making up.

Did you do a survey to confirm that older account holders do in fact find plex prices are a joke to them? Please share your sampling group, method of survey conduction, data and results.

Please provide a link to the source material that supports your claim.

It would probably not be a linear scale. More logarithmic, as most scaling price options are.

So, people who have one account with an 80+ million SP character has to pay more because there are people out there with 20 accounts with 80+ million SP characters.

How is that fair? Punishing singular account holders because there are a few people that have multiple?

Like a flat rate of 20 usd for 500 plex? Sounds pretty reasonable to me.


Another point to make is this idea the OP has suggested is a terrifying one.

All I would have to do is make new accounts every day, collect my cheap plex, sell it (which would cause EvE market inflation) then transfer that ISK to my multiple 80+ mil SP characters. Delete the newly created alts, rinse and repeat

Why should I be honest when I can exploit the system for cheaper plex to continue to feed my 80+ mil sp characters?

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This is the typical millennial / Gen Z mindset that I mentioned earlier. We must punish older, more established players because new players don’t have as much as them. They spout the same BS when it comes to RL as well…

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Oh, I’m quite aware of that.

The OP isn’t interested in what’s fair. She’s interested in equality of outcome, which is toxic nonsense that results in everyone having nothing.

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