Easy Mode & Hard Mode

Just came up on the EVE facecrack group, so I’ll add it here.

When asked how to make EVE great again I answered:


Easy mode & hard mode.

And you jump your toon between the 2 ( with restrictions ). So if you take a pasting you can then jump back to easy to recharge your wallet a little bit.


I was then asked “What would be the difference?”, to which I replied…


Copy & paste over the existing EVE 'verse to a new server. Not the toons & their stuff, just what we fly in.

Ramp up the new server’s Concord Response Time ™ to like double. That becomes the Easy server.

You then say “it’s an alternate universe, and you jump to it via swanky EVE-tech!” to cover the roleplaying bit. Lob in some restrictions on what you can take with you through the portal ( I suspect a box of PLEX is all that is needed here. Like in the film Looper with the gold strapped to the vic’s back ).

If you get wiped out in on the Hard Server you can jump to the easy one to have a rest & recharge the Iskies. Buy some PLEX, then jump back to hard when you are ready with ONLY that PLEX.

You’ll end up with stuff on both servers, but…

It solves 2 problems. The space shortage in High Sec and parts of Low/Null, AND High-Sec becomes actually High Sec for us wimps & Care Bears ( I’m not Null-linked yet ).


Just my 2p…


What you have to remember is that some people play EVE with the aim of getting a rage-quit ( I’ve recently been punched in the Mental Health by a group of iffy Right-wingers for example. They saw it as a legit play ). They don’t care about the damage this does to the game itself.

So if they won’t stop ( & you trying catching them ) you have to make adjustments.

And you can’t always rely on other players.

And games are supposed to be fun.

And EVE now has rival games etc.

If you want players you need to dial it down a bit; but at the same time if you dial it down too much you lose players.

Hence having 2 servers. Easy & Hard.



There ya go.

There are 2 situations in life that i know of that make people dock up & go play something else:

  1. Work is so stressy they just can’t face the obvious violence of EVE.

  2. A group of players go too far, and the person is left with no choice but to… And if they don’t want to then they switch off and play another game instead.


Both are bad for CCP’s revenues.

No. You want easy mode? Work a few shifts and swipe the card (or use daddy’s for the younger crowd). Or go live in null. EVE is not going to cater to whiny brats that cant cut it in the game by giving them a server that spoonfeeds everything to them. If they cant adapt, if they cant cut it, if they cant even begin to handle how EVE IS, then this is not the game for them and we’re better off without them. We’re certainly better off without THIS attempt at making even what is not.


There’s a bit of froth by the corner of your mouth.

Ok, & 60k players dropped to 30k players. That means CCP is running low on ISK in EVE language. They probably don’t like running low on ISK, as they can’t fly T1 insured in the real world…

Have you considered playing another game for a bit? I’m just about to check out Diablo 3 ( they junked DDO when they just turned it into a group brawler ). What? :slight_smile:

No for obvious reasons.


I actually think that it would be hysterical for so many Salty old space-psychos to lose half their prey.


Already happened. It’s why subs are so low.

Go ahead. Do it again.

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You want an easy server? Go to the test server. No pvp is allowed without consent on it.


EVE is not the game for you. Elite: Dangerous is more your speed. Bye.

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This is not optimal solution. Not effective as for the game and for the developers as well.

I have had one better. Just will post it eventually.

It’s a hot topic. I look forward to your post :slight_smile:

And this is how you lose Pilots.

Is tweaking CONCORD response time the only option you want to be different between modes?

Also you should rewrite initial post. To sqeez a new idea parts from it. And put the whole idea into 2 sentences.

Must admit i was hoping that the current EVE was going to be the easy-mode option.

my disappointment reaches epic proportions !!!


Here we go again. :roll_eyes:


No easymode here kthnxbai.

not really, its how we separate the wheat from the chaff…
So like QuakeGod said…
Go back to Elite Dangerous, where that mechanic kills pvp…bye

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The pilot we lose because of that is a pilot we don’t need

Most people that I know that quit EvE did so because CCP made it too hard to find their targets, and they refused to become hub humpers and mass deccers. Your idea would further remove targets, thus having a reverse impact as you intend.

Please, stop posting ideas about games you obviously know nothing about.


Yup, Space-psychopaths.

And they are willing to see CCP lose enough revenues to actually see the need to switch off the EVE servers if it gets too silly.


Easy Mode & Hard Mode, so that CCP can get both revenue streams. Which means that EVE stays switched on.

Go play elite dangerous you can turn off multiplayer whenever you want so that there is no danger to you. Eve is build around the idea that your are always in danger. If you don’t like that, then Eve isn’t for you.