2 x level 5 pullers buy both for 5b each

level 5 pullers



15b each

all CCP rules apply
all have positive wallets
all will be in highsec
all in npc corp (other then Donald he will be in 24 hour0s
no killrights on any of them
all pos sec stat






u had to post with all Charrs that this post inclued. otherwise its against the CCP Character bazaar Rules

and a lot of Informations are missing.

yeh ill do that now

confirm I am for sale

confirm I am for sale

I confirm I am for sale

You miss Informations about Wallet/Jumpclones/Position of Charr. and all Charrs have to be in an NPC Corp when the post is made

No Informations about Killrights. Pls fix it to confirm the character bazaar rules.

you interested in buying ?

cant afford for this nice toon. but dont want that your post will closed by an ISD so i try to help you

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edited two level 5 pullers

still for sale taking offers !!


ingame offer 7b each

bump !

I give 6.5B For Jeronica_Aumer… Yes ? No? Let me know asap…