20,5m SP PVP only with 930.000 unallocated SP

Hello everyone,

I’m here because I’m looking for a new home. I have 930.000 unused SP and I’m fully PVP focused.


I will come with:

  • no kill rights
  • positive Wallet
  • and a NPC Corp

Jita will be the place where you get me.

B/O 10B


need new home

9B ready

9.5b b/o

10b and i think i get the bo

Hey @Vinny_DaMini I am almost yours now. Please transfer the money and send me your account name and I will be on your account in the shortest time.

isk and account name sent

hope begin at today

will start transfer in the next minutes @Vinny_DaMini

ISK and account name received and Guerillero is on the way to you. Please check your mails and confirm

email received

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