WTS pirate 16.9 mil SP

Greetings all

looking to sell myself - Character sheet thingy

flying a real nice vindicator currently and for smaller pvp daredevil and such, been a fun run but looking to invest the ISK into something else

Currently in high sec , and dropping corp

Looking for 11.5 B instant take home price

sale will end today

positive wallet , as well all CCP rules apply.

thank you for your consideration , fly dangerously


7bil bo

thank you for the offer though I do not accept it as a BO offer

8.5b b/o

9b offer

10 bil here

11 Bil, BO

11.5b offer

11.7 offer

11.8b offer

looks like 11.8 B it is , I am currently driving around in real life should be back home later today then we can make the deal hapen

thank you

Hey! I am currently at work as well, will be home in about 5 hours and then I will send the iskies.

Money and acc info has been sent, sorry for the delay :slight_smile:

Did refund your ISK while I sorted the problem on my side

if your still interested hit me up


interested If that deal falls apart let me know price.

thank you eve mail sent

Hey, but I am still interested. You said you needed time to fix the stuff with the transfer, so I was waiting for your reply.


Yes I do know which is why I already sent you a mail :slight_smile:

I’ve re-initiated the deal, money and acc info sent again :slight_smile:

12bil if still for sale