20 mil sp toon + 2 mil unallocated (Implants +5 to all skills and 3 remaps availible) Born in 2009

Want to sell this toon: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Van_Valkyrie

No kill rights
Positive Wallet
Located in Amarr High Sec
Place your offers here or via in game mail!
B/O 25 bil

18 bill

Cheers. Will keep it going for 3-4 days. If noone offers anything higher will convo you

Still looking for owner

Hoping to finish this today

go up

Joyous is not responding so toon is still for sale

My 18b bid still stands - was around for a bit last night, and will be around this evening (by which I mean between around 19:00 and 21:00 server time) too. Drop me an evemail on this character if you want to chat. Got the ISK and an empty character slot ready and waiting.

Ahh k. Just got home will try and mail you shortly

Joyous 18 bil offer accepted. Waiting for isk and acc name

ISK and account name sent.

Isk recieved will start transfer shortly

k toon transfer fee payed. Cheers

Character received, thanks for the smooth transaction.

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