2009 5.1m SP

(Mekwells Clone) #1

Looking to sell my 5.1M Sp Mining/Skill farm toon


5.1M SP, Can use Hulks and be good for skill farm.
0 remaps ( 4 months till one )

Open to decent offers

(Fuarran) #2

3b BO

(Gumzy Krango) #3

4b bo

(Mekwells Clone) #4

If someone offers over 5.5b i will take it.

(Mekwells Clone) #5

Character Still for sale

(Nandea) #6

I can almost guarantee that 4b is as good as offer as will ever be. Unless someone are desperate.

(Mekwells Clone) #7


(Gumzy Krango) #8

4 b offer still on

(Aaron Bellman) #9

4.5 B OK?

(necocat Meow) #10

Will do 4.5billion.

(Mekwells Clone) #11

If someone offers 5b, i will take that tonight.

(Doorking1 BMW) #12

offer 5bil buyout

(Mekwells Clone) #13

accepted 5b buyout

(Doorking1 BMW) #14

isk and account info sent

(Doorking1 BMW) #15

transfer info received

(system) #16

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