2017-07-11 - Issue with Project Discovery Evaluation Set


(Eternal Griever) #86

Yeah, we want more free stuff! /sarcasm

C’mon, whole idea of PD was to do some science, the free stuff is a bonus and you already get free skins with every level you gain. I really don’t see why they should make it a BPO, especially when T2 BPOs are already very limited and none of the faction ships come with a BPO.

As far as I can tell they haven’t reset the accuracy yet for those below 50%.

(Svetlana Moscovich) #87

I’d be happy with 5. That should last a good long time before I need to biomass a pilot and remake to re-do the minigame.

(Predator Ace) #88

ok, thanks

(Felicia D'Arch) #89

So when they said “tomorrow” did they mean “tomorrow” as in Soon TM? Because I’m still at 21% :frowning:

(TheFallenOne Aihaken) #90

I suppose it said after downtime not during downtime so maybe later today?

(Eternal Griever) #91


(Vladimir Marachev) #92

(Elassus Herron) #93

Well, this raises another issue: does the reward structure thus mean that each character only gets a 1-run BPC once? I realize this is somewhat off-topic, but are there other sources for CONCORD ship BPCs in the game? Because if you only get them from PD, and only once, they’re going to be really rare ships.

(Kiauze) #94

And a reallllllllyy juicy target for gankers looking for salty tears! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nazzarus) #95

If this is the case, mine won’t leave the station.

(Eternal Griever) #96

Don’t think there was any detailed information released but there’s this

In the near future they will be available as rewards in game for certain activities, as well as for other promotions and offers in future!

And this

In other words, no, they will also be available later on.

(Getsu Rin) #97

i watched a stream on twitch, his project discovery was different from mine, was simpler than mine, and it would show the success rates like 10% 60%, in my it just says correct or fail…

(SiRL4wL AloT) #98

Nice system! Today (still not patched back to 50% acc), I did one sample below lowest acc rating, double exp switches to 1/10, but u don’t even get exp from it?! Well done , keep up the “good work”.

(Eternal Griever) #99

If you took your time and read what was said before you’d know the patch for PD is going to be released later today, not during downtime.

(Nazzarus) #100

the consensus results are just the percentage of people that marked something on the graph, not accuracy. those are only on the control.

(Haidere) #101

I’m honestly baffled why most of these samples are even here…the transits on the failed ones are so impossible to see that they blend into the background noise, like…literally there is a reason computers are better for finding these things.

(Dior Ambraelle) #102

Guess what: the highest peak on the whole graph was the transit!

(Sumo Podenco) #103

If you say so… :joy:

(Elenahina) #104

So, can I assume that the fix hasn’t been deployed yet? Because A) my “correctness” is still below 50% and dropping steadily and B) these samples still look like white noise.

NVM, I just saw the response from @CCP_Sledgehammer . Will wait patiently.


(Conrin) #105

I don’t normally do the whole flip the table bit but this is just ridiculous. You make a big push on the citizen science bit and then give us tools that are not fit for purpose and have the effect of turning people off completely.