2018/05/24 - Extended Downtime

Here we go again!

how will i cope not making isk… for another 5 minutes…



its you O_o

Baited on an extended downtime ("…will run for a total of 30 minutes").

its me :smiley:

Working on it as fast as we can, and acutely aware that there’s times coming :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delays!


That’s what you said 5 minutes ago.

space is Black, my screen is black, yay i`m playing eve


Catering to a crowd of addicts is bound to have side effects now and then… :slight_smile:


This wait… its exhausting. So bored and I have work in 1 hour.

Out of curiosity… this is for the older ppl here: say TQ does not start up again and requires maintenance for a couple of days.
Has that ever happened in Eve’s history? Is there a backup server for such a case?

Hey. Anyone know what happens to a citadel timer while server is down? The timer started right when downtime started. Does it pause, or just starts running?

if i remember correctly is was a pretty common occurence in the early days when new content came out

They Roll-back very very rarely, they just don’t like going backwards, they’d rather have it broken, and chase rabbits into holes. (My opinion is my own, and nobody else!)

I think this is my fault. I dropped combats before downtime. I figured 30 minute downtime would be ok and I’d just reconnect…

Sorry everyone.

so who let the spaghetti code alliance put CCP into structure?

Server Tank - Best Tank.

Who forgot to feed the hamsters this time?


I think, I will go back and play World Of Warships again :slight_smile: