[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 2020/05/25

UPDATE: 11:18

Tranquility is back online and accepting connections.

Hi everyone,

There will be an extended downtime today as we continue to make improvements to our infrastructure.

Downtime will begin at the regular time (11:00 UTC) and may last for up to 90 minutes, however if the work is completed early then Tranquility will be back online just as soon it’s ready.

As always, we will keep you updated on the progress in this thread and via EVE_Status Twitter.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and support while we make Tranquility more resilient!


hmmm… what about tomorrow… Patch day? better not be extended for that also cause this is getting ridiculous!

Can u please fix this, i get its for the best but 30 min warning in my prime time… 3 times in the last 2 weeks… We had ■■■■ planned tonight…

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Combining these kind of changes with a patch is just asking for hard to find issues.


Man… you should try hour plus downtimes every night as the standard. Enjoy the fact Downtimes are short usually but don’t be spoilt about it




patch day is patch day … you know that … we know that … anyone knows that

today is ongoing work on hardening for DDOS stuff i guess … this will go on for some time in future … its important because we all have plans and a hard DDOS for over a week makes it a bit difficult to play


fair enough… but 27min warning… for obviously planned downtime…

Not satisfied here, after 3 days i can log in for work break and 20 min before start playing i get the notification of extended DT… be better at comuniticating with us

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Thanks for the hard work as always :slight_smile:

Would be amazing if these could not be on public holidays though. Like the one 2 weeks ago was.

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i guess its a “not really planed” DT
usually we get info about that early
thats why i think there is a problem and they need to fix it now
but yea i see its a problem if it is so close to DT

there is always a public holiday somewhere … happens to me to … it is what it is …


Lol wake up log in just long enough to see my ship then D/C patch. :frowning:

might it be an Idea to give us more than 30 min notice for an extended DT?? especially on a long week end??

Here’s a hint. It’s not a long weekend in most countries. The fact that CCP are at work deploying patches should be a dead give away of that.

Hey, sorry about that.

The servers are back up now however and the the extended DT only lasted for 18 minutes in the end. We have be conservative when estimating the possible duration of the extension to allow for any complications that may arise!



you now that thing eve players opens first and look at… you have news tiles there you have news ticker band… and both show nothing

i would bet if i look on twitter i get the news but not if i am just have the launcher open^^
these days maybee also as a youtube community posting?

by Bob CCP get your communication right finaly!
you had 17 years now! take a look from a players perspective about the stuff and you will see you do it worse every year instead of better the launcher ist THE communications plattform from you to you players… there should be all news, informations, devblogs and patchnotes first

if you get DDOS its even more easy to read reddit or the forum insted of launcher ness oh and by the way… you know that notifications system you put ingame? and even mailing listings? you could shoudl and have to use these tools to reach out to the players who are logged in with news!

like the Skillpoint redeem probleme last days… i had to tell others in help chat every day few times what you wrote in one posting in the forum because you arent able to get the news out to your customer in a way they cant miss it

oh and by the way… did someone ever mentioned there is no forum link in the launcher to get here?


stop complainign eve is running with less hickups than in the last few weeks …


The Cluster is located in the UK, today is a bank holiday, so any works done are triple overtime.

i complain as often loud and direct as i want its called free speach. and i dont complain about not eve running i complain about ccp still not be able to use the tools and direct communication channels who are there now since years… do you remember the times dev postings was first in the launcher and second on other plattforms? the times informations was not in youtube vids somewhere and peatchnotes was in the launcher first faster as the server was up and running on that day?

the idea using ingame notifications and mailinglisten also on a regular base to spread informations is maybee little bit to 2020 for ccp ^^

oh and while your playerbase getting older on the one end as everywhere in the gaming industry you might also thread your customers like adults… finaly… well maybee it will happen after eve turns 18?


Trolley dash for daily free stuff

Be glad that normal downtimes are now less than 15 minutes, instead of just under an hour.

Be glad that patch days aren’t patch weeks anymore.

Be glad that you get ANY advance notice.

This probably was known in advance about 5 minutes before this message was posted, because unlike most people think, CCP are pretty good at communicating this kind of stuff.

Yes it sucks that you have an extended downtime on your free day, free night or whatever you have free. Just be happy that CCP does their best to keep these downtimes as short as possible.

Again, patch days, not patch weeks…

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