[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 8 May 2020

Hi everyone,

There will be an extended downtime on Friday, 8 May 2020 commencing at the usual time of 11:00 UTC.

Our engineering teams have been hard at work mitigating the recent DDoS and we are implementing some upgrades to further harden the cluster against attack.

This is a complex process and the downtime may last for up to 4 hours, however if the task is completed earlier we will return Tranquility to service just as soon as it’s ready. We will keep you updated on the progress in this thread and via EVE_Status Twitter. For information about the DDoS, please visit the main forum thread.

Please make sure you’ve made in-game preparations for this extended downtime should it affect your gameplay plans.

Thank you!



Tranquility is back online accepting connections.

We are starting TQ in VIP mode but there are several tests that need to be performed before we will start accepting connections.

Our engineers continue working on the necessary upgrades. Things are going well.

The extended downtime has started. We will give you regular updates on the progress and estimated duration. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Thanks for the update, hope it works and best of luck to the Tech Dept.


Thank you for the update & the work on reducing the impact. Hopefully it helps, here in North America it’s gotten extremely unstable for me during the past few DDoS’s but VPN connections to London seem to help.


FOUR HOURS! Nostalgia!


Don’t forget to set a long skill.


cant there changes be done on beating heart? why servers must go offf?

what about citadel timers during extended dt

Now you’re seeing the aim of these DDOS attacks.


ok ty

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They are changing the code that tells the servers how to talk to each other and you…
Have a think about why the servers need to shut down for this.

It’s not a whole day, doesn’t count.


:red_circle: Nice that you announce this 1 day in advance. Also nice that you use the hard to read orange strip in the launcher for this when an actual info card would have been better. But nice that you announce it.


Take your time, get it right!


To be fair, in the old days they rarely announced that downtime would last a whole day. Always optimistic, those CCP dudes.

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Admit it - its going to take 4 hours to get rid of the red dot? its ok - we support you on that. also ddos or something.


ya don’t care if they extend maint since that is at 4am my time i will sleep through the entire mess

4 hours sucks however its better than constant DDOS attacks…


I have been experiencing increased latency in playing Eve Online and WOT/WOW for the last month and a half.

Normally Eve Online and WOT/WOW does not have any problems at all over my Wi-Fi network.

Even when I use up my monthly bandwidth amount for top speeds I can still play Eve Online and WOT/WOW.

Currently I am still functioning above the reduce bandwidth limit with pings of 999 when I shouldn’t be having lag.

Most likely the cause the is a foreign satellite in orbit interrupting the signal between the Wi-Fi towers as the hack tries to propagate through the Wi-Fi network from a satellite in orbit.

Or Elon Musks g&y-a&^ Star Link satellite system is purposely causing the interference so that more people will be directed to his notion of providing free internet across the world.

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Nope dude, the trigs are using some entropic against your wifi , soon your house will be invaded scouts are reported :)))


Thank you for the heads-up. 4 hours of down-time is certainly a long time, probably thenlongest DT in a decade, but I guess the updates need that time and I am up for any change that improves server stability and security.

Thanks, good luck!