2018/05/24 - Extended Downtime

Free* SP. Soon™.
*Just kidding.

They should be appearing here for you in the news feed on your launcher.

They appear to be showing okay on my launcher both at home and at work.

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They are now, but they weren’t there yesterday. In general I don’t receive the news feed update as soon as articles are published but usually only the day after. Sometimes later than that.

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Strange, you may have a caching issue with your launcher.

Part of publishing this news is checking that it populates into the launcher, it was there for me yesterday when I checked.

We’ll look into it.


Was about to answer to your first post that, no matter how big you make it, some people will still manage not to read it and instead come here to complain. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could even put it in a modal dialog that people have to confirm with a button press and it wouldn’t change anything.


were eve players…who currently cannot play eve…what else is there to do except complain ? :thinking:

I know, right? When you can even spin your ship…

I blame Falcon :rage:




Looks about right :stuck_out_tongue:


they didn’t give us any free sp from when eve was unstable for days - (and I still have problems with local)
so don’t hold your breath…

Victor no like extended downtime like downtime in Yugoslavia

As a developer I am pretty sure I know the cause of the problem. The problem is one of your developers had a vacation/holiday planned and was suppose to leave early today. Now everything that could go wrong is going wrong.


Yeah, still waiting for those for SP…

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wait they gave people sp

This is by far the best timing ever.
We’re totally not waiting to kill a Keepstar in an hour.

CCPlease fix asap.

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@CCP_Falcon Thanks for the great status updates / comms! Makes all the difference.


they announced to do so - but AFAIK they never gave…

l blame Tencent they have taken 80% of GGG, now there coming for CCP

To make up for the extended downtime can we have 1 level 1 filament free on tuesday

Just be thankful they are trying to fix whatever is broken - all the whining in here about SPs sucks