2018/07/17 - Connectivity & Server Issues


(mut Eto) #519

never got our free skill points from the last time the server crashed for a week strait

(Dabsy Bennett) #520


(Amanda HugendKiss) #521

yes they have

(John D13) #522

A week?!

(Arturos OG) #523

feel free to contract me all your stuff I will put it to good use. Not trolling just offering my cleanup services. hehe

(stephan Rin) #524

no it always is gonna cost you downtime XD

Проблемы с программой запуска
(Phugoid) #525

what’s wrong w a russian maid?

(Zenso Vici) #526

How many SP did they give out?

(SteMoS2 Lazair) #527

Any hamster pic,s

(Kitosa) #528

im curious what the reason is going to be, prolly blame all of our ISP for us not being able to connect.

(Deucey D) #529

they prob steal

(Tilt FullTilt) #530

oh boo hoo. cry about it some more why don’t ya

(Boyd Underwood) #531

there not playing there GMs looking for bugs

(P3ps1 Max) #532

Once they give you their items… please forward it all to me, including all of your stuff :slight_smile:

(THX 1138c) #533

100.000 or so

(GeeShizzle MacCloud) #534

arent the login servers for EVE now hosted on AWS (amazon webs services) ??

if so are we being shafted because people are too busy trying to buy discount roombas and NSA listening devices disguised as helpful amazon echos??


(Ruth Vader Ginsburg) #535

I have google fiber lol

(Alexey Saburovs) #536

ready to pay off a list of 650 CCP bots that were in the game :wink:

(Zenso Vici) #537

Have you tried turning your router off and then on

(Ruth Vader Ginsburg) #538

whats a router