2022 Mining Fits (Post From Extraction to Production Update)

so is it also an option to build a really fast and big yield ship for high sec areas to mine veldspar as fast and much as possible and sell it in big stacks? So without shields and defence and with risk to get fast destroyed? Or better get rare things with bigger slower tank ships? Speaking for solo mining

Okay, so that strat is called yield tanking. And yes, it is a viable strat. However, it is recommended for experienced miners.

So, my suggestion would be to start out with a tanked barge, and get some experience under your belt. Learn who the local gankers are, give them bad standing, and set up your overview such that local will display standing icons next to people’s names (I don’t remember how to do it). Learn how to use d-scan. Make a warp-out overview tab (and get in the habit of using it), so that you can quickly bug out if you do smell trouble.

And do note that this strat is best reserved for systems with lower ganker activity. If you’re constantly having to dock up because of high ganker presence, then your yield will suffer. You can also combine this strat with mining while aligned (I have an example covetor fit if you’re curious).

Oh, and it’s also a better strat for attentive players. Anyway, keeping one eye on local might seem like a chore at first, but it will become effortless with time. It’s almost like checking your mirrors while driving. Eventually, you’ll start doing it without even realizing it. And something else that will help is by clicking on a name in local, and then pressing CTRL-A to highlight everyone’s name. Then, if anyone new pops into system, they’ll stand out.

Anyway, I don’t think any one strat is better than another -it really depends on you and your circumstances. If you are an experienced and attentive player in a low traffic system, then yield tanking is a good choice. If you’re less experienced, more easily distracted, and/or in a busier system, you’re probably better of rolling with a buffer tank.


Great work! :+1:

Are you going to be updating the figures for the resist changes?

I don’t think there’s any need. The increase to EHP is a nice bonus, but not large enough to justify rethinking these fits.

Oh no, I wasn’t talking changing the fits. It was just the spreadsheet porn images I was curious if you’d update those values :slight_smile:

Lol. Reading comprehension fail. Yeah, I suppose I should update it. Shouldn’t take very long.


THose values are wrong it seems that the mining ships now have much less ehp with those fits ?

dumb question since only came back to eve recently to mess around and see what is new

love the BS buff as i might get back into a flying a abaddon/navy armageddon for lvl4’s.

I am trying to understand the mining changes

is a ORCA worth solo mining in still in terms of yield? or were mackinaw/retriever buffed to be better for solo yield/hold and i am still a little confused about crystals. but sounds like type A is best for yield per asteroid and type C is best for throughput

is it worth compressing ore?

Numbers assume max skills.

Well, the orca is, for the most part, outmined by every mining barge/exhumer, including the procurer (barges might mine less depending on things like fits, boosts, and skills). Thus, it’s not worth it to actively mine solo in an orca, especially once you consider the cost. However, some people will still AFK mine in Orcas, which is facilitated by a large ore hold and drone AI.

Type A crystals have less yield than type B, but also have less waste. They are useful when availability is an issue, and you want to make sure you get as much ore out of a source as possible. Type B is better when there is plenty of availability, or you otherwise don’t care about waste, and just want to maximize yield per hour. Type C has extremely low yield, but very high waste. They are good for things like sabotage, and clearing out less desirable ores so that an anomaly will respawn.


thanks for the info/update!!!

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