20220103 - Tranquility Stability Issues

Its still not back up. Given the symptoms I think the issue was somewhat serious.

when will the server put online. I have no life and i am addictet to this game. Hard times for me right now

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Twitter says 1320 - 15min roughly

oh god i can’t handle this pressure :confused:


It will be back up just in time for me having to go to work.

The Hamsters want a pay rise in line with inflation .


hopefully I won’t be in “Alpha” state when I log back in.

Dont hold your breath

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I got Alpha Daily login rewards, but my account is Omega. I filed a big report about it

R.I.P. Hamsters

PLEAAASE fix it. I do not know what to do with my life when eve is not working :frowning:
I need to make ISK !

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Vily broke EvE

i can feel your pain, bro

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The Gerbals are now kicking the Hamsters rear ends

Why are you all so toxic?) We need to support CCP))) CCP Forward. You will succeed! WE are waiting)))


How can I play Skill Queue Online if the game is not Online?! :cry:

there working on it :slight_smile:

Pen and paper

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i hate my job, my wife is ugly, my kidz are addicted to drugs , well i think they are addicted. How ever i hate them. Eve is the only Metaverse where i can flee from reality


Has CCP been running your life?