2023 pvp ships up to cruisers 50mill or less

what are some small hot ships for pvp these days im assuming interceptors got killed and some stealth ones too low to null sec

Everything has really increased in price. Not a lot…

it might be worth having a look at the frigate yearbook. it covers most common fw fits based on zkill data EVE Online Frigates Yearbook 2023 : r/Eve (reddit.com)


What empire faction cruiser cannot be fit to be useful in PVP with 50m?

Interceptors are still useful, especially in nullsec where they can be used as gatecamp tackle or undock-tackle without needing 5 logi alts to keep them alive against the defense batteries.


One of the more organized crews in angel FW if you can’t fly the cruiser or higher comps they have for fleet…have interceptors as an option allowed in fleet.

I have not caught one of these since usually far away from start. and usually found fun closer to flosewin to deal with.

Is that including the ship price or just the fit itself?

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