Coming back to Eve after a few years

I was hoping to get a little guidance on ships and fittings.

I’ve just picked up eve after a break of nearly 4 years. I have extensive PvP experience, but I have no idea what is good or bad these days. I used to specialise in flying light tackle, typically faction fit interceptors. I’m looking for a fast agile ship that can get an enemy to aggro and lock them down while my gang catches up. Most of my kills have come in Dramiels (when they were really fast) or Stilettos. When I left the game I had pretty much all ships and gunnery/missile skills at 5. Cost isn’t a problem, as I intend to survive fights! That’s the first rule of tackle; don’t die.

Help on new skills to train and which ships to consider will be most appreciated. I hope to catch you somewhere in nullsec.


Welcome back to the exciting worlf of pvp. I hope that you have many new adventures in a Stiletto.

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