I'd like to get back into losec, can y'all help me with fitting advice?

I was thinking of something cheap with missiles like a kestrel or heron, doing missions, anoms, or sites. I figure a frig won’t break my bank when I lose it. I want to relearn how to operate there without going broke. I wouldn’t mind a fit that can fight back instead of running a soon as someone lands on grid. If it’s more feasible, I could do a Caldari destroyer or cruiser.

Tip 1 : Consider your ship lost and destroyed. That way you can’t run into issues. Eve is about blowing each other up. You can stop being blown up by doing things that facilitate that (mining, trading etc), but it’s pretty much the core of EVE online.

Tip 2: Dscann. Identify each and every name in local until you know who is out there or is docked. Takes a few minutes and some docking in stations, but it allows you to make proper decisions when local rises.

Tip 3: Don’t fight. Unless you plan to do so in the first place, you’ll be outgunned, outnumbered etc. Fair fights rarely happen in real life. It almost never happens in EVE. Don’t allow E-bushido to creep into your way of thinking.

Tip 4: Make friends. EVE is a MMO. Groups eat individuals. Others can tell you if enemies are inbound, help you when a fight breaks out, lend you a ship etc.

Tip 5: Fit 2 indentical ships. That way you’ll never undock what you can’t afford to lose. Let’s be honest; you won’t see a cloaked ship coming.

The general gist of my reply is that your fit doesn’t really matter. As long as it can do the PVE you want to do in hi-sec, it can do so in lowsec. Long term survival is about other things.

I’m sure you know most of this already, just figured I’d throw it in there to remind you :slight_smile:


Ok cool, so cheapest fit that will work, that I can probably do. Am I correct in assuming that not being a lot pinata is irrelevant, and I’ll be targeted just to mine some salt?

I wouldn’t mind getting some advice on a bait fit. I’m not usually into pvp(but I’m not one of those “remove ganking from hisec” types), but I used to have a lot of fun dodging gate camps a long time ago. I might be interested in baiting if I can have a fighting chance.

Second the use of dscan. It is one of the best tools in the game.

At the beginning it is slow and annoying. Practice, watch some tutorials on YouTube, and soon you will be figuring out where everyone is in seconds.

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Likewise use this against your enemies and be aggressive. If a fight is still somewhat close but you’re definitely at the disadvantage. Be aggressive and take the fight. Most people don’t take fights they know they can’t win and when you go on the aggressive your enemies often second guess themselves.


I agree, definitely fly cheap frigates and take lots of fights.

I’ve gotten amazingly fun kills in my Rifter against Destroyers and Assault Frigates, outnumbered 2 to 1, killed ratting cruisers that couldn’t apply damage, etc. Learn about PvP and you’ll be surprised what you can pull off.


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