20231121 - Players unable to interact with stargates [RESOLVED]

Can confirm. Reality (what I see on the undock and local are not in sync).

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Sadly, the latency on satellite can be horrible. It’s not an option for me ($reasons, Eve’s not one of them).

Stuck with HFC here that fails every 6 months or so (and has regular minor outages). Not eligible for the free fibre upgrade (which would get me decent speeds, 100Mbps is where my HFC service tops out, thankfully I have the 40Mbps uplink version, though waiting for them to kill that), but can pay $30k for it if I want it LOL.

We live rural and use Starlink. Latency is extremely low and m4 kids and i get on at the same time and play PubG while wife watches netflix and it doesnt affect our gaming one bit. We get a ping of less than 40 when we all play and thats to EU or USA servers.

Since the escape menus were changed last week I’m unable to scroll through the settings menu to reach the option to clear my cache files.

Anyone else having this issue?

Heres the thing, If i play a game I know my computer can handle, and it doens’t work. I stop playing.

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Hey I do the same thing! I tried Hell Let Loose and it was so quirky that I uninstalled and asked for refund.

It depends on whether you have ‘‘download full client’’ ticked or not.

Yeah apparently if it takes more than two hours to download and play, refund == very no.

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