[21:00 - 06:00] Old Corporation Looking at options for potential new home


After nearly 16 years under the same banner, we at Imperial Dreams are currently evaluating the possibility of changing our current affiliations to something better aligned to our own activity window. We are seeking applications from interested Alliances that meeting the following criteria:

  1. Your Alliance’s primary active window aligns with our own: 21:00 - 06:00 (and you can prove it)
  2. Regular Small - Medium Gang roams / content throughout the week in the same window
  3. No SOV null sec (NPC null is a possibility but we are not interested in maintaining sov, especially after the changes coming with ESS in the immediate future)
  4. An industrial wing to be involved in would be a perk, but is not essential
  5. You have a mature Alliance culture
  6. While not essential, bonus points if you operate in / for the Amarr empire

What we offer as a Corporation:

  1. Old, skilled pilots, many alts (in and out of corp) capable of varied roles.
  2. An extensive production library from which to build from
  3. Pilots eager to participate in group content

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