21.06 - One gate in every system is not inaccessible

In every system, seemingly, one of the gates is now inaccessible on either the overlay or through clicking on the icon directly in space.

For example, I was in Illinfrik when the servers were going down, so I docked up. I was unable to get through to Frarn; I couldn’t select jump from the overview, I couldn’t right click on the gate.

In Osaummuni the Oremmulf gate is not longer accessible. In Balgina the Hurjafren gate is no longer accessible.

It’s an extremely major issue.

bump, many jumpgates arent accessible, no radial menu, autopilot doesnt use it, doesnt show up in “selected item” when you click the gate…


Yeah, I was posting this up as they were posting that up apparently, lol.