21.6M Miner/Industrial Pilot for sale

Positive wallet 1 isk

*it have 5-5 refining skills , 5-5-5 for deep core mining.
*Capital ship builder close to level 5 (for titans maybe 3-6 days training)
*Can fly T2 exhumers,
*good industrial skills
*my first character, tried everything in eve
*Can fly caldari battleships good missile skills.
*Full social skills for missions, can do level-5 missions
*Can take SoE level-4 missions and caldari level 5 missions good standings
20B Buyout, below this auction is open.

10B. lots of wasted skill points for a miner and industrial, no exhumers 5, no mining drone op, barely any indy skills outside of resource processing.

Mostly right. Exhumers you mean as asset or skill? It can fly exhumers.

exhumers V as in the skill.

Capital ship production skill is very unique, very close to 5. Training this is a torture.

+1M unallocated

15 bo bro

Good one I am amateur on this actually, how the transfers are completed when we agreed?

you must be in npc corp. First
you must confirm the dell to me here in forum. I will send the isk and name of account where you can do the transfer.
then you log in eve online account and start the transfer and you have to pay the transfer of 20 euro/dollar.
You cant google

Got it and unhappy with 20 dollar payment now lol. Ok I will make the transfer in chracters section I guess.

+sorry for laziness and thanks.

Anubiskos SOLD. You may progress the transfer.

Ok i send you 15 b isk to DeMuslim Caldera after work today thx

I read the progress its clear now when payment is done I will transfer

In 5 min bro

I am around.

You online in game ???

with other toon yes.

Reid me in game plz Jimmy kOS