WTS Alt 15mil SP: Trader, Miner, Transport pilot, more inside

WTS this character.

  1. Trading: All tax related skills lvl 5, buy/sell/modify range lvl 3 (10 jumps away).
  2. Miner: Mining 5, Mining Bardge 5, Exhumers 5, Astrogeology 5, Reprocessing 5, Reprocessing Effeciency 5, Plagioclase and Tritanium Reprocessing 5, other high-sec types lvl 4.
  3. Transport: Caldari Industrial 5, Spaceship Command 5, Evasive skills 4-5, Transport Ships lvl 4, Cloaking lvl 4, MWD skills 4-5, Shield Skills enough for t2 shield extenders and adaptive invul fields t2.
  4. Learning skills: Cybernetic 5, has +5 implants
  5. Other skills: Capacitor, Fitting Skills 4-5, Drones all lvl 4, Industry 5, Research, Metallurgy lvl 4. See character skills link for more info.


Total Skill Points: 15 140 000+

B/O: 13Bil, will consider offers.

MuziYu, let’s discuss price. Whatever you posted, I’m sure we can find a price suitable for both of us.

10b for the char

Alright, I accept. I will need your info to complete the transfer.

Understood, sending isk and account info. Also what kind of transfer are you doing? $$ through account management?

yeah it costs 20 EU for me, just checked. There’s another one?

isk and account info sent to Koto TheTrader, please confirm.

Account info is under the note of the payment.

on it

04 Jul 2018 06:19

EVE Character transfer

Apparently, it will take about 10 hours for the transfer to complete.
Thanks for the trade!

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