WTS Alt 15mil SP: Trader, Miner, Transport pilot, more inside

(Koto TheTrader) #1

WTS this character.

  1. Trading: All tax related skills lvl 5, buy/sell/modify range lvl 3 (10 jumps away).
  2. Miner: Mining 5, Mining Bardge 5, Exhumers 5, Astrogeology 5, Reprocessing 5, Reprocessing Effeciency 5, Plagioclase and Tritanium Reprocessing 5, other high-sec types lvl 4.
  3. Transport: Caldari Industrial 5, Spaceship Command 5, Evasive skills 4-5, Transport Ships lvl 4, Cloaking lvl 4, MWD skills 4-5, Shield Skills enough for t2 shield extenders and adaptive invul fields t2.
  4. Learning skills: Cybernetic 5, has +5 implants
  5. Other skills: Capacitor, Fitting Skills 4-5, Drones all lvl 4, Industry 5, Research, Metallurgy lvl 4. See character skills link for more info.


Total Skill Points: 15 140 000+

B/O: 13Bil, will consider offers.

(Koto TheTrader) #3

MuziYu, let’s discuss price. Whatever you posted, I’m sure we can find a price suitable for both of us.

(Raynor Aileron) #4

10b for the char

(Koto TheTrader) #5

Alright, I accept. I will need your info to complete the transfer.

(Raynor Aileron) #6

Understood, sending isk and account info. Also what kind of transfer are you doing? $$ through account management?

(Koto TheTrader) #7

yeah it costs 20 EU for me, just checked. There’s another one?

(Raynor Aileron) #8

isk and account info sent to Koto TheTrader, please confirm.

Account info is under the note of the payment.

(Koto TheTrader) #9

on it

(Koto TheTrader) #10

04 Jul 2018 06:19

EVE Character transfer

Apparently, it will take about 10 hours for the transfer to complete.
Thanks for the trade!

(system) #11

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