21mil SP exploration/support caldari pilot

Hi, i am auctioning my support alt. This is how she looks:

-She is at the moment in NPC corp
-She is located in Jita
-Positive wallet account
-No kill rights
-No jump clones

Min bid 15bil
BO 22bil

15b offer

Bid taken into consideration.


15.3b offered

15.5 bill

Daily bump!

End date of the bid decided to be Sunday the 18th, at 23:59 (UTC +1)

Last bump, auction ending in 10hours

Auction ended with Beekillrz as winner! Thank you all for interest

beekillrz can you provide me the mail and the isk please

isk send & mail with account send.

Any news ?

Oh, i thought the transfer has been made already. They contacted me, telling me to have 1k plex in vault, and to give them the account name where they will transfer.

As it seems, the character is still on my account, while the ticket still shows as ‘open’. Their answer came exactly 24h ago. I will give them a few hours, and when i wake up, if nothing happened, i will inquire about the status of the transfer

I just got the character transfered it’s all good !

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