220mill SP Amarr Specialist - Titan Pilot - 2.5mill unallocated

I am for sale Marillion Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

220,969,292 mill sp
2,523,095 unallocated sp

Clone 1 - Currently plugged in
High-grade Amulet set (all 6)

Clone 2 Located in Jita
High-grade Snake set (all 6)
Zor’s Custom Navigation Hyper-Link

Positive balance
Currently Located in Jita
All ccp rules apply.

Starting at 190b

Im still available.

155B Offer

I’m looking for a little more than this im afraid.

165B offer

We are getting close to a sale but I am still looking for a bit more from this awesome toon.

I am still available for sale

Considering all reasonable offers

still works

Im still available for sale

170b offer

if i dont have any other offers before 48hrs then im yours

175b The offer is valid for 24 hours

180b b/o

185b This is my last price

186b offer

Sold to Viscis for 186b, Please send isk and acc name.

Sent and sent.

Transfer initiated