24.4m Orca/Miner/Oneiros pilot - SOLD

24.4m Industrial/Logi pilot

  • Positive Wallet
  • Positive Sec Status (1.0)
  • Located in High Sec Jita 4-4
  • No Kill Rights
  • No Assets
  • Implants: Zainou “Beancounter” Reprocessing, & Highwall Mining Implants)
  • In NPC Corp (even though it says I am in a Corp, I’m not)
  • I will pay the transfer fee
  • All CCP rules apply

Price: 18b

Buyout Bid is 20b

I can instantly buy for 10B

10.1 bill

ill buy for 18

Bid of 18 is accepted, Please send Isk and once received I will start transfer

Sending now, please transfer to my alt character account (Accountinfo Removed by ISD Traindriver)

Confirming Isk Sent, and begining transfer.

Do you have another account?

Accountinformations removed by ISD Traindriver

Transfer started

Please confirm once received so I can close the thread.

Post edited, please do not post Account Informations in here.

Confirming received

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