242 mil sp pilot PeeveePee- 2003 Toon w/ long History

Training him with some skills in Dried Grape Fruit Forrest Gump style Pies and he has knowledge now in creating the Syphilis vaccine solo in the Metropolis Region. There are rumors of a trade route of Pie to Tribute from Geminate and Metropolis, can these things be true? Many are suffering from no vaccine thank God for Pie, so now we can spread this vaccine and save everyone ! This skill was very hard to find and train. It’s like Medicine Man went into the Jungle to make some Pies. Well, i guess it depends what region you’re in. This Toon is currently into Logistics Warfare skills and Capital ships and stealing pie(s).

After Auction ends, I expect Pear Pie(s) for the cost of Transferring this Toon. I am not going to have anything for my Alt ^.^ I also like Apple Pie.

Thanks for understanding guys.

He has standings with several Corporations, Lots of Ninja standings with LP with Guristas and most hubs in H-PA region. Many different Pies in his possession in H-PA; enough to make even Weeble Jealous.

Not much with Pies/Clones as of now. Everything is like in low sec, 0.0 and high sec, usually spread out in nifty places across Eve, depends how you cook the Pie or how the Ninja steals the Pie or how it’s stolen. These Clones/Pie are indispensable like Pie is to a Ninja looter, who loses the Pie whom he steals for a living. These things must be explained, how else can there be Pies without Ninjas? How can we be a, “Here, There and Everywhere”… if we cannot warp without having Pie ? How can we warp then? How come no one understands these things?

Pie cannot be erased. It is rare. If you do not understand what I am typing from the edge of my fingertips to your eyes; forget about bidding. Give me all your Pies, It’s only a matter of time, you will have to give me more Pies ^.^


What happens when a Tornado of sharks circles a Peach Pie in the middle of the Forge in the Middle of our Beloved Eve Universe >.<

0 kill rights on him.


8-9 Billion Isk or more.

Clone in High Sec, No available remaps for 4 months.

I have 955,000 unallocated Sp

242 mil sp

250 Bil Starting Bid unless otherwise I allow the Pie bid

Auction Ends this month

Buyout: none
Reserve: none

Just bid.
I love the Cherry Pies as well guys, only if there is no topping. ^.^

Note: As of 3/15/2018 the 158 linky in the above doesn’t work, ignore such misguided linky.

you need to remove 158 from your character eve link because otherwise its broken.


I am willing to snatch the character for free , no but kidding beside very nice toon good luck with sales

It’s an Evelink of stats and one is for skills ^.^

You wish :rage:

Pardon me for my stupid mistake best of luck o7

Indeed ^.^

bump ^.^



pummity pump bump







bumpity bump


215 bil to get you started.

218 billion

219 bil