242 mil sp pilot PeeveePee- 2003 Toon w/ long History

No, unfortunately. You can deliver me a fresh handmade Blackberry Pie to my doorstep, thusly delivering it to me in person, handcrafted and brewed, and I will give you a cheap Buyout. I live in CA. No guys, you can’t ship any Pie in the mail, it does not work and they will deteriorate.

Pie bump

i dont have pie what about cheesecake? o.o

We all want a piece of the Pie.

___ bump

Pie bump

Hidden Pie Bump


My ship is coming, I should sit this one out…
Get a drink…
Maybe it’s still feasibly possible?


:beer: cheers

:cake: bump

Auction ends soon cheers guys ^.^

early bump

Auctions ends after downtime tonight ^.^

Someone " just bidded " and sent me a mail in-game. If anyone wants to step up to the plate for this Toon, please login I am going to be online all day finished up requests.

Auction closed

Ok, sounds like we have 2 people here bidding. I will get online. I have to go do something for about 2 hours and i will be online all day today.

Private bidder has bid. Auction closed.

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