President Jacus Roden has announced that he intends all branches of the Federal Administration to work towards “the normalization of Gallente Federation politics and society by March 28th.” The President outlined his instruction that staged easing of the Federal State of Emergency should complete on the specified date, as well as his request to the Federal Elections Commission to be in a position to announce on that day the date of the Federal Presidential and Senate Elections.

Did anyone hear anything about this or is today the first day of our glorious New Order?


No news it seems but I’m not really surprised things are seems to go wrong everywhere I look

I’m not sure the comms networks are working quite at the advertised 97% normal, at least out this way, hence my question. Maybe reassuring news will come through eventually.

It’s not just you I have had problems our In Tribute as well with the network flickering in and out

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Well, perhaps its just best to leave this with wishing Sieur Gloriaxx a very fruitful Festival of Chareté

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