[Presidential Election] End of the journey, beginning of another

Thank you all, supporters, friends, and comrades for supporting my election candidacy this year. It provided us an opportunity to raise issues that were not being discussed in the general political scene, and helped prevent one of the biggest failures of this Federation - Mentas Blaque - from being elected. We can all, hope, and pray, that he decides to take this message to heart and leave the rest of us alone!

Soter raises his glass to the holocam

We had some fun. And I think we learned a lot from this experience. I kind of like the title of “insurgent presidential candidate”, has a nice ring to it.

As for the future, it is more clear than ever that the burden to defend the Federation from the threats it faces will rest on the shoulders of capsuleers and fellow patriot-citizens.

Finally, I want to congratulate Governor Aguard, and wish her the best of luck. I am willing to lend my services to the new Federal Administration in any way she sees fit.

Freedom Forever.

Soter out.


Governor Aguard is the new President?

The news article failed to mention how large a share of the vote you received, General. Has the election commission given you that information ?

In any case, democracy prevails. Yaay.

I seem to remember there are only six candidates. The five listed in the news article total 99.48%

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I believe I can muster up enough respect for you, Soter, to spare you from the false sentiments and mendacious well-wishing I had considered saying.

I suppose at least we can both presumably agree that it’s a good thing Blaque had gotten such a low showing of support.