28m sp Hel Driver for sale!

As my name says I am a Hel driver. Here are my skills list: Hel Driver

I am a part of npc corporation (Republic Military School) and I am sitting in Ammold
I have no kill rights and no jump clones
2 bonus remaps
There is nothing on the wallet

I want to be sold for 30bil ISK.

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26bil offer

27B,i offer

27.5bil offer

30bil offer

31 bil

35bil offer

@kumama_full you are a winner with 35b BID. Let me know when isk and info sent

It’s possible now

send now then

Can you tell me how to send it?

just send directly to me

What are you talking about?

I shared it as you said, but can you confirm it?

what you shared? I dont understand. You want to buy my character for 35 bil? if yes send me isk and transfer info

Sorry, I entered the wrong nickname in the shared ID. Please check again now.

If there is anything wrong, I will edit it again.

what shared ID, man? Send me ISK and your account name via eve mail

so we making a deal or not?

I’ll send it right now
Sorry, this is my first transaction, so I was late because I was searching when they asked me to send them my email and isk right away.