3 day old clone looking for noon friendly wormhole corps!

Aye! I live in Alberta Canada, and I work a lot, but I’m on around maybe 5 evenings a week with the odd full day weekend. I want to explore wormhole space with adventurous people who don’t mind running with the likes of cannon fodder like me!

I’ve got some skills trained up, nothing spectacular, but enough to get me by! I want to live in wormhole space for a while and become illustrious like the legends I hear so much about on Reddit! Would anybody be kind enough to take me in?

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Well you can always solo explore wormholes.

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Its time to come home.

Canada Inc. is recruiting and we are laid back and awesome. Part of a wicked WH alliance. Message me in game Nixon Adams

Salty? Love a laid back environment? Love getting suicide ganked? Hate getting robbed? Salty With a Chance of Capitals may be for you! We are a laid back group who is looking for new members! New or old to the game, we might just have the right level of salt for you! Best thing, no forum requirements. Just be active and use DISCORD. 18+ Drop by our Discord or PM if interested! If you don’t get it, you DON’T GET IT! https://discord.gg/fgvAAdt

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